Its Amazon after-all, not Google!

Posted: October 3, 2013 in General
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This happened few weeks before. But i am putting  it down here so that I can read it in future and smile.

I received an email from someone (Let’s say Mr. ABC working at amazon). Now the mail was as given below (recreated!):

I am contacting you to check if you would be interested in working with Amazon Hyderabad for a Software Development Engineer. Kindly respond back to -: to take this forward.

To which I replied that I would be interested in internship and forwarded my CV.

Now, few FAQs:

1) How did they reach me? : “Frankly speaking I don’t know. Someone said that HRs usually scroll linkedin and contact people with good profile. This could be the reason, but am not sure about it. Even both HRs, ABC and XYZ are not connected to me anyway. Not even in linkedin. I regularly maintain my linkedin profile, which u can check at:

2) Why did they contact me ? : “Call it exaggerated but, after seeing my work experience they thought am already graduated. So, that means they may approach me again next year. Ahem Ahem… even I can refer few people now “

Moving further, After weeks of my respond, they finally called me and scheduled my written test.( I thought it was for INTERNSHIP.) It was a coding test. I was given three questions and total time was about 1.5 hours. It was on Interview Street only. No objectives type questions. Two of them were solved using DP while the third one was relatively easy. After written, I had series of telephonic interviews (all technical). Interviewer asked me even to code on collabedit. Collabedit is a site that allows collaborative editing. So, any change I make in my doc appeared on his computer also.

Now, about the questions, Amazon usually repeat their questions every year. So, it is always good if you check few blogs to see previous year questions (which I did only for my last interview). My written was completely different! Their favorite topics for interview are binary trees and binary search trees. My first interview was only about BT and BST. I gave 4 different algo to check if a BT is BST.

The person who takes technical interview is not generally from HR department (Obvious!). He might belong to the department for which you are about to be selected. Apparently, I cleared all the rounds.

Quick tips:

1) Study Data structures. At-least you should know all definitions. I did not know that in BST equality always appear with the left child. My interviewer told this to me.

2) Interviewer gives time to think. But do not ever take too much time to answer.

After that! I guess most of my friends wanted to know what happened finally. For them, don’t worry am still unemployed. Now the craziest thing which no  one knows is that on the day of my last telephonic conversation, i received another “similar looking mail” from Amazon asking if i would like to work with them. The only difference is that this time it was from Amazon BANGALORE!


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