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Posted: January 17, 2013 in Work
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Almost all recognition jobs start with segmentation. Hence, I am giving segmentation the top priority. Due to time constrains, I am forced to conduct segmentation on reduced size image. When I map segmented mask to the original image. I get this:

aThis is looks cool enough. But is not really. I aim for more accuracy. So the struggle begins.

I am  half sleeping while am writing this post. Today’s night was not full of debugging (finally!). But today’s trial to map segmented target from pyrDowned image to actual image seems useless. Reason being 61 seconds ! One of the step , which is very important to jump to recognition step (step which I can not name right now) has started taking 61 seconds every time. Such a huge time is obviously a issue of big concern. Though I am feeling too sleepy today, but trying this thing out was important.

So here we go with explanation. Larger image surely contains more info then the smaller one. But it also takes larger time to process it. So it processing the pyrDowned image was fair enough ! But bringing the size down result in loss in info.   So i was able to perform segmentation on smaller image. But to carry identification operation it was important for me to map segmented object to the one in actual image. So this is the point where problem rises. If I map contour of target from smaller image, I get false result most of the time (undesirable ). This happens due the loss of information while reducing the size of image. And hence the target obtained in small image is not of exact shape. Thus mapping the contour of this target results in false result (or no result ).