And here is the difference!

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Work

So finally over and out call to python this time. Everything was going fine but then suddenly a loop that should take not more than few second (2-5 seconds ) was taking around 5 minutes. Even after highly optimizing it, the time could not be reduced to few seconds as I mentioned. So after hours of struggling and debugging Machine Vision department decided to stick to C/C++.

So yesterday, I started once again  from scratch, this time in C++. Surely the day was not good (rather night I must say). I started in even. I wrote code to find distance contrast with is the image using histogram over HSV range. And I got some strange outputs. And again the debugging process started. After rechecking each thing , handling data types properly I got nothing. So after hours of searching and debugging, I gave a Mayday Mayday call to my senior. It might be around 0.00 am when I asked for his suggestions. I must say I have a very nice senior (Mr. Harsh Agrawal). He helps me every time I give away a Mayday call. So it started around 0.00 am. We both went through code again and again. Then following the Senior’s advice I started comparing all values in all matrices. Printed almost all matrices and compared them, rechecked all calculations. And this continued till 4 am , when I figured out that I used a wrong flag in one of the normalization function. I was happy that ultimately problem was resolved, but a silly mistake and few wrong comparisons(manually) wasted 6-7 hours. So finally I am able to calculate distance contrast perfectly. And am really thankful to Harsh Agrawal for his support.

The day was going still better today and then I started using cvBlob library. I have been coding in Opencv c++ so I read images as Mat format. But cvBlob library was written in C which used IplImage data structure. It is easy to convert an IplImage data type to Mat but I needed to do just the opposite.

was actually using cvLabel fucntion. For it i needed an image to be converted into IplImage format.I  tried following commant

IplImage result_image = result;

which indeed worked perfectly for me.

Though today I had to spend some of my time debugging, but I gave no Mayday calls and were able to solve all issues with in time constrains.

Nothing much to right today. Team is planning alot for future. Lots of planning means lots of changes. It even means the change in my plan.

Till now I am successful in finding blobs.



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