Histogram exam and my paining arm

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Work
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I was thinking to find histogram over the HSV ranges in an image that too by using python. Yes, I have done this many times using OpenCV functions. But I am trying to search if I could replace a standard hist in OpenCV with numpy if possible.
Normally, using createHist() function requires size of bins , dimension and the ranges to create a histogram object. The same can be done by using numpy to create a multidimensional array of the same dimensions. After a lot of brainstorming i just 4 lines of code to find histogram. This proves me correct that I can code in any famous computer language provided I am given INTERNET.

So this is how i did it. I do not want to display the histogram, so I focused on formulating array (numpy) to store the histogram and eliminating the overheads in displaying them. I wanted to find histogram over just Hue and Sat range from HSV form. Since OpenCV allows us to specify the channel, this prevented me from splitting the image into three respective channels. Then i first calculated a Histogram for Hue range and normalized it. After that i followed same procedure for S range. I first calculated hist and the normalized it. Merging both of then in different dimensions of a single array gave me the required result.

The outcome seems simple, but i would just say  “mission accomplished !”

I thought the above would work. but it did not . So i struggled more to optimize my code rather to make it work properly. But after lots of struggling i got error. Debug too failed. Python is a good wrap up language. But i dont know why was i not able to debug it properly. May be because of run time nature of opencv.

But after lots of searching i found the solution. And I also found that python is smarter, and has a beauty in it. OpenCV needs to properly document its python implementation.So finally Mission accomplished!


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