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Hands on Web Development

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Kreeps
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Some one once told me that no matter what technical i do website development will always earn bread for me. Since then, almost my every technical work has proved him wrong. I do not have harsh feel towards web development, but what i do i find it more interesting then web development. Since child i always thought of developing a website but, never got any opportunity. Until when my team UAS-DTU needed a new website and the responsibility came on me. SO became the first website to be developed by me. Of-course i do give credits to few of my seniors. But after developing website i felt most of the time i only have to play with indexing or padding on the page to align content properly. May be that could be the reason i don’t develop websites frequently. Though this time i did not have hands over dynamic website, which may probably change my perspective towards web development.

After saying above i must mention web development is really good can really earn bread (faster even) provided you have interest in it.