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Posted: July 9, 2012 in General, Work
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UAS-DTU is a project undertaken by B.Tech. Students in Delhi Technological University.

The DTU UAS project was initiated with the primary purpose of developing technologies so as to reduce India’s dependance on foreign ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance) products.

The project aims to:
– Maximize in-house research and development
– Minimize the usage of Commercial Off The Shelf products so as to keep the costs low.
– Develop UAVs with reliabilty and safety as their core USPs.

The team participates in the AUVSI Student UAS Competition (an international inter-university aerial robotics challenge) which is held annualy in Webster Field, Maryland, USA


This was all i read about it when i just entered into the college and was not a part of this project. But soon i can to knew about my interest in Image Processing and I thank Harsh Agrawal sir (one of the team member) who made me know my interest. So, when the team started recruitment in August I too applied. The recruitment process was really good and I really admire it. After passing the written exam i went under series of interview. And to my strange in one of the interview I was even asked to play Portal game (to check my skills). My last interview was a 7 hour interview started at 12 noon till & p.m.

I was determined throughout. And yeah !! i got selected.

So, I entered the team as Software Developer, Image Processing.

Since that day, I have learned a lot be it about image processing or may many other aspects of life. Working under the finest Leader Jayant Malani was an immense pleasure to me. Seeing the greatest minds like Kumar Shaurya Shankar acted like lots of inspiration to me. Resp. Shivang Baveja  taught me the definition of dedication.

I feel that am writing late about UAS  but there is never too late for good stuff.

Working in team does not only increase my technical skills but also management. Everyone’s dedication in the team, spending sleepless nights in Lab working, standing for hours in sun for test flights , has ultimately brought  us 3rd position in SUAS this year.Thanks to all people supporting us in anyway.

But along with work we do have lots of fun

I have many more things to say, but feel I could only say that for UAS DTU Sky is just the beginning .

  1. Jayant Malani says:

    great one…………an awesome writer

      • ROHIN MALHOTRA says:

        I’m pursuing my B.E. from DTU in Mechanical Engg.I know its a little too early for me but I’m really passionate about getting into DTU-UAV team.I would like to know a little more about the recruitment process and the skills required for it and if there is some prior preparation through which I can develop these required skills.Hoping to hear from you soon.

      • Hello
        I would say just start giving time to your interest. Start working on the thing that you would like to do in team. No one is actually disclosed about recruitment procedure so early. But do attend team orientation whenever we organise it. It will surely answer many of your questions.

  2. Kumar Shaurya says:

    Haha, Good job kiddo! Keep working on the blog, and it will help you a long way!

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