Being Microsoft Student Partner

Posted: April 20, 2012 in General
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Finally my first post as a Microsoft Student Partner.

It was in November 2011, when I was selected as a Microsoft Student Partner. Frankly, initially being unknown to the benefits and opportunities that MSP programs brings with it, I was first less involved in this program.

But it was the Microsoft which made me realize what powers I have as a developer. MSP program  gives me lots of opportunities to learn and platforms to test my skills. And even we get interact with technical people around the globe. And we even get goodies

As a MSP till now I have conducted various technical sessions majority of them being on Windows Phone 7. Its was this MSP program that drag me towards windows phone 7 app development. Windows Phone App development excited me because I could develop apps quickly and easily. Once i developed about three apps in a day  . And when you get a chance to win Nokia Lumia  800 for free why wont you develop apps ??

Yoo, I got Nokia Lumia 800 for free from Microsoft by simply developing for small apps in IUnlockJoy event 🙂

It would be unjust with this show stopper if don’ t upload its pic. So here i go…..

talking about the phone excites me, and so here I go speechless

Controlling my emotions

the very  first day with this phone i found few things Microsoft Should look upon

1) Vibration with Ringtone – cummon Nokia 1100 even have it  ….

2)  Sending file with bluetooth  forget it

3) You cant mark different things like images together

4) I felt it more of like Iphone architecture….

5. can we sync doc files without internet …oh damm i guess no

6) alarm did not rise me up when i switched off my phone

7) finally we have copy (cut ??)

8) text selection is very poor

but still I am loving my phone 🙂

Apart from this learning, conducting sessions and organizing events like Dream Spark Yatra with fellow MSPs brings lots of fun.

Not boosting much opportunities we get as MSP, I will say: BE IT AND HAVE IT.


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