Average Speed Calculator – Intrapide

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Kreeps
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INTRAPIDE was an event organised by IEEE (DTU chapter) in their annual tech fest TROIKA in academic session 2011-12.

I am posting the link for the rule book of the event below:

<<<<  RULE BOOK  >>>>


     This is the original rule book I downloaded from the Troika website

An amazing thing I found was the fomula IEEE-DTU people put in this book on second page (check it out)

they say speed = time / distance….HAHAHAHA..!!!

Another thing i would like to mention that I guess IEEE-DTU people were confused about deciding colour for the line.

on first page they first wrote that the two lines would be of Red colour, while in their arena image one line  was of Red colour while other was of Green colour.

(Red and Green line was actual case)

I guess they did not review what they write. :-p


The event is clearly not an event for Image Processing.

Or I must say that it would be efficient to use some other method.

But, practice my skills i thought to solve the task using Image Processing.

Although I could not participate due to various reasons, major being that I took this initiative very late moreover being little busy but, i have completed this task and would post in my coming posts briefly telling how i did this.

  1. hahaha speed = time/distance

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